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Drakensang Online - Game Client detection request


I would like to (again) request Game Client detection of the online game Drakensang Online, because the game is still not detectable on the official webpage, and on the Client too.

Previously you've added detection on the wrong webpage (nobody has an account for Drakensang Online there) so there is no tracking of gameplay.

But now the problem could be easily solved.

It is really simple...
So please, maybe you will finally listen? :)

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Hello! It's been 2 years now. Is this game's gameplay tracked properly now?
This is the official webpage of this game:
It's an in-browser game but it also has an option to download a game client.

We should have the detection for it. Although it's possible something could have changed. Do you know if it's launcher is still thinclient.exe?

I checked it now - everything is fine. Game client is thinclient.exe and is detected and tracked properly now. Thank you! :)

Sounds good! Thanks for letting me know!