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HELP #ExtraLife2014 instant replay grand prize winner, have not received all of my prizes due me

@Raptr WHY hasn't anyone that won the mouse and headset from the ExtraLife instant replay event gotten their prizes? We are being ignored!

I have received my PC

However when I make any inquires into the where about of my mouse and headset

I have been IGNORED!!

Why wont LinkSmash reply to me , why wont any of you reply to me and others about our mouse and mouse pad and headsets we won

I contacted Astro and I was told that anything I won from them was Already give to YOU!

So where is my headset and mouse?

The following is the letter I sent out to Mionix and Astro, I have heard back from Astro and they said you guys would have my headset. :


You folks were sponsors in this event that Raptr did. It was the 'Raptr's ExtraLife2014 instant replay event.

At this Link, I am kakotan.

 I won the grand prize. Well I received AMD and CyberPowerPC share of the prize. I have yet to receive YOURS!

I dont know if your PR person wont contact Raptrs person, The person I talked to from Raptr is LinkSmash

I am grateful I won dont get me wrong, but I dont like being jipped on my winnings either.

I have yet to receive :

* 1 Mionix Naos 8200 mouse and 1 Mionix Sargas 400 mousepad

* 1 Astro A50 Headset and 1 USB Tx Dolby transmitter

I will be emailing the next company after I am done here.

I need your company PR person, Marketing department or who ever does these prizes with Raptr to contact Raptr

and get my information for James so I can get my prizes. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you ,


Please get back to me on this, LinkSmash just ignores me anymore.

I need to know when I am getting my mouse or if I am getting the thing at all.

I NEED to buy a new mouse!!!!

Thank you

- James

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 I'm investigating, I've converted this to a ticket.