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AMD Gaming Evolved? i Dont think So

Hi... I cant believe a company like AMD have got involved with this! I had an old ATI card years ago and can remember it started to play up the catalysis suite got all funny so I switched!and have been NVidia ever since until this xmas when I got an nice R9 290 card works perfect cant fault it... but WTF is happening with this AMD Gaming Evolved APP / Raptr tie in thing.. FFS I just want it to work. I think I have every problem mentioned in these forums... its like a joke at how bad a piece of software runs. I cannot believe AMD support this very poor show! it even disappears during download.... no on screen download box etc.

I believe at 44 and having spent my life gaming and raising a family and working I expect more form a company. I would strongly advise that if Raptr is to work with AMD they up their game as unless they please customers like me they are never going to gain market share!

now to my specific problems.... it wont run... I installed the graphics cards and the catalysis suit while doing that I made a Raptr account noticed the AMD gaming evolved app thought that was similar to NVidia's offering so I thought I would try it but god what a convoluted approach when you sign up to Raptr the page you are taken to has nothing to do with AMD.. took me ages to find the links etc... come on guys make it clear make it AMD related only. I don't want what I believe I have been hoodwinked into, Raptr I want AMD Gaming Evolved!

I don't know where to start as I have a log in screen that just hangs...... it is filled in already as a guest account!!!! I cant click on it.... Sometimes it just disappears if I hover over the icon... sometime it says its already running and I have no icon.... what gives??? this app / Raptr has ruined what I was hoping was going to be a customer return to AMD / ATI and their graphics cards.... I am really disappointed.... I have tried so many re-installs... updated C++ files. deleted login config file etc. can someone explain do I need to download Raptr to get AMD gaming evolved to work? after all all I want is to be able to optimize my games to run with my new graphics card? I would like to be able to capture some moments in game though....


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I went ahead and locked this topic and will continue to work on the issue in your ticket you created. Ticket # 3604