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Record is not availble for your system at this time

The recording software on Raptr was just working for me when I first installed it then all of a sudden it tells me that my system cant use it at this time, I restarted me computer, I looked through all my background processes to see if maybe a program is stoping it and I still didnt find anything. So main point is that I cant record with it or do replays with it at all. Please help me fix this!

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I kind of have the same problem. I too am not able to record, but I never was. Can someone tell me why this is? If it's my graphics card (HD 6790) is there some list of graphics cards which are supported by GVR?


yesss please fix this i got the same problemm i want it backkkk :(

Definately I have a problem with this as well I was using a free recording software and it worked well but I was hoping to use this.

found the solution, it's over here: