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Can't get my Gamertag or PSN ID verified

Hello, I can't get my Gamertag or PSN ID verified. (Steam verified easily)

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"We've encountered an error: This gamer ID has already been verified by another Raptr user."

Same problem here...

Currently our PSN and Xbox connectivity has been down, and may remain down for an undetermined amount of time. However, I don't know why it would say "We've encountered an error: This gamer ID has already been verified by another Raptr user". What username were you trying to put in when you got that error? And for what platform?

VERUN its solved now thanks. This error message appeared after someone solved the initial problem, I decided to remove and add my PSN ID again, since I was getting no updates of the trofies or anything... but yeah now I know that unfortunately it's not working :(

Same problem here

I apologize that we have not gone back into previous forum posts to relay this news:

Raptr no longer supports consoles. This was a decision made several months back and we have stuck to it. While we understand this does not make some users very happy, it was difficult to put out a quality product while having to support so many 3rd party consoles. If you want to read the press release about it, it is located here:

We do understand that there is still remnants left on the website that may indicate that we support consoles, and we plan to remove these in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

EDIT: I will also be locking this topic because there really isn't more we can say or do to resolve this issue.