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I have been trying to buy the Dragon Age: Inquisition Gift Pack for 2 days now but it gets stuck on the processing order screen. I have tried to purchase it with both Chrome and the desktop app. I decided to try again today to purchase it and see that it is almost gone. How can I get mine before it is gone, when I can't even finish the purchase? I'm including a picture of the screen I see when I try and purchase the gift pack. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Has anybody with NVidia or other non-AMD video card been able to download this gift pack? Maybe the gift pack is only able to be downloaded by people who have an AMD video card.


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This has been an ongoing issue with little done to resolve it, other than them saying they are aware and working on it. If this is going to continue to be the norm, I just might end up removing the entire program from my computer. It seems to have really gone downhill since changing from raptr to this amd gaming evolved thing.  If the devs cant get the rewards thing fixed, how about at least giving up a way to apply for a dragon age code manually for our account so we dont lose out on the offer.


I completely agree that they should find some way for people to apply for the code manually. As I really want this item and don't want to miss out on the offer because their system doesn't work.

Im gonna copy my last post with this same problem : ,,You have the same problem as 40% players in AMD. Raptr ,,Engineers" still fixing the problem. Sorry they not. They only look how many players are in trouble. This bug is alive for 4 months. " I dont belive they gonna fix it fast. Sorry men but you dont gonna buy anything for many months.

If 40% of players are having this problem and it has been around for so long, you think they would try and actually fix it(not just say they are fixing it) so that they don't lose players over this.

The reason I marked this solved is that the Overview section of the gift pack mention the AMD Radeon R9 series of video cards. This means you need to either have an R9 series card in your system or buy one and install it so you can get the gift pack.

This is NOT solved.. it does NOT say you have to have an AMD card to claim the reward and there has never been a reward that you had to have a certain video card to claim.. not even the sweepstakes to win the Radeon bronze stuff.  Not to mention the issue applies not only to this reward BUT to every single other reward as well... NONE of them process, and I several different ones.. even the ones that are for nothing more than a code to get 50% off an e-guide.


Okay then, well why does the overview mention a specific series of video card if you can apparently get the reward with any video card? I haven't tried any of the other rewards as this game is the only one I currently play that has a reward I can use or that I want. I have tried 2 different computers, one wired and one wireless plus 4 different Internet browsers in an effort to try and get this reward before it is gone. I haven't been able to get it regardless of what I try and I have no response to my ticket. Though I understand they seem to have alot of tickets to go through, so it may just be a long wait for any reply to come to my ticket.

Look you cant get your DA pack. Why? Because you had procesing order bug where you cant get rewards. REWARDS. You cant buy anything because of this.  I have the same problem here. Cannot complete any order. And its not affected about your graphic card. Its something wrong like virus or big bug so why they cant fix it fast. When i ask one of them what they did he say  ,,we are looking how many players have the same problem and this bug has maximum priority to fix." . For now they still dont know how to fix it. 

It's not a virus or anything like that... It's an account related problem. Blocked accounts can't claim any rewards anywhere, and other ones work on the same PC. I'd guess that under some conditions some accounts become unable to claim rewards, maybe it's some flag in account data toggled, maybe account data is moved to some remote database, dunno... Can't tell without comparing broken and working account. It's just certainly not a PC related problem.  

Well if it is an account related issue, do we just submit a ticket and we hope we get a reply to it eventually? I submitted a ticket a few days ago and am fine waiting for a reply, just wonder how long it will take to get one.

I wouldn't get my hopes high, I submitted ticket almost month ago, and still waiting for an answer. :)

I have AMD Card, and i have same problem.


Let me see if I can't jump in and answer some of these issues and assumptions.

  1. Where did you come up with the "40% of our userbase"? You think over 12 million users are affected? In all honesty (although we have not checked, because there is no way TO check) it is probably less than 1-5%.
  2. Yes, the Processing issue has been going on for a while. Why haven't we fixed it immediately? Because you don't know what else we're working on. We have to fix application breaking, blue-screen of death causing bugs, every day. One that causes someone to not receive a free reward, while still being a priority, sometimes can't take front seat and center.
  3. We're looking into fixes for the Processing Issue right now. So we're hoping to have a solution in the very near future, but I don't have a day as an ETA. 
  4. We do understand the frustration, but the rewards and user's RP have not gone anywhere. The Smite reward was extended and we have a lot of Dragon Age codes. Almost anything that was available when the issue started, is still there.
  5. The Dragon Age Inquisition reward is for both AMD and Nvidia owners.
  6. Tickets can take a long time to get to sometimes. We have around 600-700 tickets per CS employee.
We will continue to do what we can, and we (CS) constantly have pushed the issue to resolve the Processing Issue. So we're glad that it will get resolved soon. We only ask for patience; we want it resolved as much as everyone else.

Guess what everybody!

We have recently solved the current "Processing Issue" for users. Although we have tested this out with a few users with absolute success, we cannot account for every single user. You're welcome to purchase the rewards you have been wanting, but if you continue to have issues please let us know and respond back to this forum or create a ticket. We thank you for your patience.