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Black screen while recording, also while streaming on Twitch.

Guys, this PC is new, without any useless software, only OS and games. But when I record my gameplay is only black screen and sound. Is there fix for it or should I just unistall this app. And try something which will allow me stream and record my gameplays ?

PC spec: CPU FX 8320 @3,5 GPU Asus R9 270x 2GB OC edition, HyperX 8 GB ram, OS Win. 8.1 pro

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Everyone has this problem. I don't think there's a solution at the moment. The only game I was able to record with no issues was Prison Architect. Every other game I've tried was just a black screen with audio.

If you're still having this issue, we've investigated the black screen issue and found it might be potentially related regarding some Windows updates. Specifically it might be these ones:

Win8: KB2962409, KB2958266

Win7: KB2952664

We're still working to see what we're able to do in regards to it.