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every time i try to record on war thunder game the recording software encounters several errors!

1st- when attempting JUST normal recording the output recorded file has always 0kb!

2nd-when attempting to use instant replay feature is crashes:

2rd-when turning them ON again already inside war thunder, it continues to crash with same 31 error

EDIT: i have downloaded 4.0.1 build and symptoms are same but a little bit different!

i still get 31 error, but when i turn ON DVR again when im already inside game it does not crash again but it also does not record or replay!

also this build is very buggy, when i press ctrl+tab to open evolve overlay, sometimes it disapears, some other times it frezzes and some other times it duplicates the settings window

conclusion: my main problem is the 0kb thingy and the error 31! plz help me

EDIT:edit: i tried twitch and i noticed it does not crash but i presss the designated hotkey and it doesnt work either!

other informations: i have 2 monitors, war thunder is in windowed mode boderless,

 i have:

 r9 290 latest drivers,

 i5 4670k 

 windows 8.1

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I went ahead and created a ticket for this issue. We can continue with assistance there. Ticket #5075