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GVR Problems

Hello Raptr!

I sent in some feedback and my logs through the Gaming Evolved app a little while ago, but I haven't heard back yet, so I thought that I might make a post here. I've been experiencing a couple problems with the app's GVR function. When I record gameplay at 60 fps, I notice that I have a frame stutter problem. It doesn't feel like the output videos are at 60 fps, even though my game performance is solid and the output video properties claim to be 60 fps. I finally decided to plug a video into Sony Movie Studio and count the frames, and I found out that about 7-10 frames per second were repeat frames, making my recordings about 50-53 fps. Since I was recording at 1080p, I tried 720p to see if that fixed the problem. The video output was still about 50-53 fps.

I uploaded a test video here if it helps. You can notice the frame stutter when there's a lot of camera movement:

There's also a little bit of audio lag, but I've noticed that a lot of other people have pointed out that problem as well, so I'm sure that it's just a bug that needs to be fixed. Regarding the frame stutter problem, I use an MSI R9 280 GPU. which should be more than capable of the GVR technology. I also use an FX 6300 CPU, and I would be surprised if the problem is on the CPU's end. Either way though, I realize that this is still in beta. I really appreciate your work on the GVR technology, as it's pretty amazing to be able to record game footage with very little to no performance drop. I look forward to the full release!

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I went ahead and created a new ticket regarding this issue. Ticket #5076