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Help with a points bug

Hello, I've found that I am not being awarded points that I get pop ups for saying I've earned the points. It is for first time game optimizations and the 20 points you get for doing this.

If I am on my home page and as an example today it said 6 games are not optimizied. One of the 6 was Dragon age Origins Ultimate edition which I bought yesterday. I pressed the optimize all button and got the pop up saying i was being awarded 20 points for the first time optimization of that game, however even though it is also mentioned in the list of points 

given I was never actually given the points.

It is the second occasion since I have been aware of it that I have watched it happen so as I know for sure it is happening I'd like to know how to claim the 40 points 

and report the bug so it can be fixed.


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I've just attempted to optimize Crime and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes for the first time and this time I did it individually and again I got the pop up saying I've been awarded the points but the points have not been added to my overall amount. I've spent several months attempting to save up and having this happen consistently isn't fair.

I've taken screenshots showing this happening if it's in doubt.

Hey there, 

I knew we already talked about it over at this forum.

However, I know we're pretty slammed with a new release coming out soon and also fixing some other bigger issues, but I will see if we can get someone to take a look at points earned for optimization. 

Is there anything else you would like me to do to help? At least, what's available within my power? Haha.

Everything's okay other than this which is a bit of a non problem once I figured what it was doing as I explained in the other thread. It is odd but it is eventually working. Thanks though.