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Can't change my email

My settings say that my email is some sort of completely random one and I can't change it to my own ( therefore I also can't verify my account. Could you please change it for me? Thanks a lot in advance!

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I have the same problem. Wrong adress ( when it should be I can't change it. I contacted the support many times, and even opened a ticket 40 DAYS ago with NO reply at all!
This is the WORST support I've EVER seen!

Well, my solution was to simply make that account on the "wrong" website. (In my case: I created a email on gmx)
Lucky for me, it wasn't taken already.

I wonder why I didn't do that earlier...

Well, the support is useless, so don't count on them.

We're incredibly busy and we just passed a large holiday. We have no intentions to "ignore" anyone, but there are a lot of tickets we're trying to get through. Glad you were able to get your issue resolved.