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Hello, I can't get my Gamertag or PSN ID verified number two

tryed this about half year now, but nothing, my code is there but no..


2 people have this problem

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Apparently this is something they are not "worried" about fixing, as has been stated by admins in other forum posts.  It shows laziness and a non caring way of doing things.  If you aren't going to fix it, remove it.  If your going to leave it there then figure out a way to fix it.  Don't just go "oh well" devs.

Even to remove things it takes time to do so. It's not like hitting the backspace key for a feature. If we have time to fix it, we will. If we don't want to support the feature anymore, we will remove it. However, we just don't have time to do either right now. 

But yes, PSN and Xbox connectivity is down and we have no plans to correct the issue in the foreseeable future.

Some news 8 months later? Mine still dont verify.

We had made the decision to no longer support consoles. You can read more about it here:

(P.S. This was emailed to all Raptr users at the time and a banner was placed on our front page for a week or so)