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Problem with starting reward

I created an account and verified my email but didn't get 700 rp reward

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Thank U! Now I've got 500 RP for registration, but still can not get 200 for email verification 

Okay, so I was able to get you your 500 RP without issues. Only recently (as in today) have we seen issues with the email verification points not being received. In the mean time, I will grant you 200 RP until we can look into the issue more. 

Cool! Thanks for your help

Where is my points?

My points will not appear before my profile picture. (RP) Even anywhere, RP is not even visible. Do they still exist at all? I mean, can I still get points? Or has it changed everything? I should have bought RP at registration too. Let me show you an example, for example, 2070 points.

What do I do to show my points? I can optimize my games, so I'm not disabled. Can you still have a video card or anything else to win with the raptr or have you lost performance? I do not even see the store of the application, that is, the store where I can run RPs. Is this department still there? And if so, where?