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Steam achievement Slowly stopped tracking achievements

It will track hours played in a game and rank the game up but 3 days ago it went from slowly tracking achievements to a none even though I unlocked them in games I could get them in before, is there any reason for this?

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Which game and for what platform? Is it a Steam game?

For Steam Red Faction:guerrilla I see my friends have achievements for the game but I do not and it will not let me get them, it has even stopped tracking my play time now

Did they recently get those achievements, or have they had them for a while?

They have had them for about 3-4 years

same here.. I won achievements on Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City yesterday, and still nothing.

@Xauraine - Okay, then the issue is the one that I thought. Typically if you had the achievement before this Steam issue started arising, then it's still going to remain there; no issues. However, for some recent achievements, as well as newer games, they may not get the achievements. So this is an issue we're looking at correcting, but we've still got a few bugs that we're aiming to resolve soon. But having more people that can talk about the issue, and give us examples, gives us more proof of a larger issue and also more users to look at on the back-end to see which games are affected. 

I'll use your account, as well as dsd27 as examples of users with this issue. That way we can hopefully start getting it resolved soon rather than later.

@dsd27 - Actually looking into your issue, it appears your achievements are showing for the Batman Arkham series. Are there other games you are noticing that are having an issue?

@VERUN they are showing now because I went to account settings and I clicked the sync achievements option :)

Not for now because Batman are the only steam agmes with achievements that games Im playing right now.