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Joining the black screen club

Tried several games the past couple weeks. All gave me a black screen with audio. Only game I was able to record was Prison Architect.

GPU: AMD HIS IceQ 7870

Driver: 14.12 Omega

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I opened a ticket about a month ago with same problem... Still no resolution. All i want is to record gameplay.. 

I can only record black screens in Steam games other games worked so far

GPU: Asus r9 280 Direct CU TOP

Driver: 14.12 Omega

We're still investigating the issue and gaining more information from users about it. We believe it could be linked to a specific Windows Update. We believe it could be these ones:

Win8: KB2962409, KB2958266

Win7: KB2952664

However, feel free and let us know if this matches what you have, or you have evidence stating it's not correct. We would like to know. 

We also apologize for the late reply on both forum responses and tickets; we're just very slammed with tickets.

same problem. black screen while recording. fix ASAP please!

I'm joining. HD 7790. Win8.1 all updated.


We're still looking to resolve it soon. Can you let me know if you have these Windows Updates?

kb3000850 & kb3014442?

I have both kb3000850  and kb3014442 .

After reinstalling Windows I ignored the kb3000850 & now its working fine.

Okay, that is similar to what we were expecting. 

It definitely appears to be kb3000850 that is the main culprit, but we're still doing testing. However, we're looking to resolve the issue without users having to remove the Windows Updates. Thanks for providing the info. 

Tried old games on openGL engines (Doom 3, Homeworld 2) and found that new AMD omega drivers gave me a black screen. Roll back to 14.4 version restored launching games.

ok my english not good . i install de beta drivers an dont work then reinstal the normal driver and work find now record video good

We believe that we've now resolved the Black Screen issue.

You can download the latest patch of the client by using this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.