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I can only buy 2 things!

I can see there is many games that i now can buy but the only 2 things i can buy is titanfall and Radeon Bronze Reward :(

Can someone help me?

P.s Sry for the bad english.

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Im startled you can buy two things. I cant buy anything for 2 months. So i think you dont buy other than those two things fast as possible.


@xtreamgame - Are you still having the issue? I'm looking through the back end tools for your account and don't see any red flags that might cause you to not purchase the games. Let me know and I'll see if I can't dig any deeper to find the cause. 

@silvermaxy - Processing Issue? Or something else?

@Verun  i saw your commet but i was like.

let me see what's gonna happen in a day or 2.

And now i can buy the games :)

I have had the one of R9 series (can't remember it's name) in a long time but anyway thx for your help :D

P.s sry for the bad english.

I have the same problem

@Martin Prieto - Some rewards are going to be limited based on 3 things:

  • Location (What country you live in)
  • Software (Raptr vs AMD Gaming Evolved)
  • Hardware (AMD vs Nvidia vs Intel GPU)

A good sum of the game rewards are provided by AMD. As such, they have the final say on what is required to get the game. In their case, they decided they wanted users to:
  1. Have AMD Gaming Evolved installed (instead of stand-alone Raptr)
  2. Have an AMD GPU

I notice on our back-end that you do not have AMD Gaming Evolved or an AMD GPU, so this might be the reason why you don't see some/majority of our rewards. Sorry.
@verun Ok, i understand. I am from Uruguay and i have not AMD GPU, thanks for the info