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Doesn't Seem to Like to Stay Working (GE/RAPTR)

Okay, so I've installed Raptr multiple times via the Gaming Evolved app.  I've crawled various forums and threads and have done the whole uninstall, reinstall part of it, as well as deleting the .cfg file.  I've disabled my Malware Bytes and my Firewall/Anti-virus, and still have had no luck.  I've had sparing luck when I re-install the drivers from Catalyst Control Center.  It'll sometimes run right after I install them saying that my version is up to date, install and then I'm good to go.  It's the only time I've gotten the GE/RAPTR desktop app to work.  Furthermore, it loads with my computer, but like others have had happen it if you mouse over it in the lower right hand corner it disappears.  Anyone able figure out how I can get this bad boy up and running every time?

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Have you tried deleting/renaming the entire Raptr appdata folder? (Ofcourse, have Raptr closed before you try this)