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account activation and sign up points glitch

 hi im having an issue, says my account isnt activated and i cant post on forums, also i didnt get that 500 points sign up bonus, can i get help with this?


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Hey there, 

I went ahead and got you the 500 RP that you were missing. It's just a bug for some newer accounts, but we can easily fix it. 

However, your account does appear to be activated and it appears you were able to post on our forums. Since this is our forums here :-)

If you mean our old forums, those are permanently shut down. While you can still go back and read old posts as an archive, no one can make a new post in those forums. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

thank you for repairing the bug, as for the activation im still having trouble posting to the main forums, but for some reason i can post to here, i dont know why


This is the main forum. The old forums are closed down. You cannot post to the old forums anymore.