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MOD PLEASE READ - Verification

Can a mod buy me 200gem smite reward using my 2000 points please? <3. As the verification email thing hasn't been working for months and no solution works.


^- Proof

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While I could purchase the 200 Gems for you, I cannot be sure that the actual code will attach to your Smite account. Are you positive that you still want me to purchase the Smite Gems for you?

Might aswell try then leave it and have 0 chance of getting anything :)

EDIT: Just remembered that I need email verification to even view my past purchases codes so I'm not sure now xD

Would you want me to message it to you? Or email it?

message would be better as i haven't received any emails from raptr in ages so maybe yours wouldn't arrive either. Thanks

I went ahead and purchased the 200 Gem code for you and messaged you in Raptr with the code. 

Additionally, you can also get the code here if you're able to get your account verified:

Let me know if you have any issues.