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Poor UI, Poor Optimizations, Not as easy to find support as it should be.

Poor UI, Poor Optimizations, Not as easy to find support as it should be.

First, you might want to put a link to your new support forums on the top of the old forums, the ones you are directed to when you click support from the Raptr UI. Maybe even have that support button lead you here, unless you are trying to make it hard to find this. It just seems like it makes sense to have people quickly sent here, and not have to open a thread to find this link, just makes sense.

As for the app itself: First, it would be nice if it was capable of using windows snap-to function, like even the most simple programs do, so we can quickly resize the windows and dock it to the edges, that just seems like it makes sense too. Why is there no way to stop it from re-scanning for games on every launch? What is the reason for NOT including that as an option? Why can I not resize the list and sections INSIDE the app, I can't tell what some games are if the share the same first part of a name, because I can not make the section that shows my library any wider? There is more, but lets just try to start with the big stuff.

And then the optimizations..... I have a Sapphire Dual X R9 280, which is as we know an Overclocked 7950, yet this is what Raptr suggest for good performance on Far Cry 3: Everything Low. If by good performance you mean 200+ FPS or 120 with vsync, then yes. Everything set to high on that game will run 60+ FPS on this card WITHOUT the overclock that Saphire enables it with. Why is this? Then there is the quality setting as well, which, as I have it set averages 45-50 FPS, yet your optimization for quality, which you would think would be the best possible setting that is playable, is telling me to turn most things down but turn the MSAA up from 2 to 8? Most players cannot tell the difference between a 2 and 8 pass MSAA, but they sure can tell the difference between High and medium textures. The GPU has 3GB's of VRAM, one of which will never be used even with the Highest texture settings, yet your app is telling me to turn that down? THIS MAKES NO SENSE. Here are some screens of what I'm talking about. Do you guys need some help, I will work for real cheap if it would help you....

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Thank you for the feedback.

Link to the New Support Forums: I believe we have just implemented this today. Not only does the Support link go to now, but we also have a Support tab on the side of the page for a quick ticket creation. 

Snap-to-Window Function: This feature has been asked for in the past. I will bring it up again to see if we cannot include it in a future Raptr iteration. 

Far Cry 3 Optimization: This does seem odd. Are you still having this issue? I had our Optimization team look at this and they are seeing similar specs to what you mentioned above (the ones you want, not what you were getting.) Feel free and reply back or make a ticket if you have not already. Make sure to reference the ticket here if possible.

Thanks for the reply Verun. It appears both the Quality and Performance suggestions have been updated, which is good to see, good job guys. The performance settings are still a bit conservative, especially with the Terrain, Textures, and environment settings, but I guess there are people out there with even worse CPUs than mine working with this GPU? 

Should I open a new thread for any optimiztions I see out of place or just keep posting on this thread? I don't see the need to take out a new ticket for every one?

Euro Truck Sim optimizations have the scaling set at 400% on all three settings. The scaling is a super sampling I believe, and is by far the most FPS intensive setting, I can't run it at 400% with everything else maxed, which is exactly what Raptr suggest for quality setting, this should be scaled back on all three, to 125%, 200%, and 200 -300% respectively, Besides that, the R9 280 handles the rest of the settings with ease. 

I understand you guys have John Mautari, the developer of RadeonPro working with you now, this is great news for you and us. We wish him the best of luck in his new venture. 

Thanks again for the reply


Wish I could edit/add to a post...

I'm going to run ETS 2 with Gaming Evolved running to give you guys some more performance deltas on it, I did the same for Far Cry 3 after I posted the first time, would love to think the hours I clocked on it with Raptr running helped with the changes :-)

Should I post future optimization issues here or in optimization help? I know you guys are crazy busy right now, let me know if I can help in any way. 

Sorry for the late reply (You got the busy part right :-) )

For Optimization recommendations, or places where you feel there should be a correction, I would recommend placing in the Optimization Help part of the forums. I should warn you though, right now that our Optimization team is working hard on a side project right now and may not be able to make any large changes for a couple weeks or so.