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Far Cry 3 Optimization wrong.

 Hey, I recently picked up an R9 280, my first AMD GPU in two years, and I was going through my library to benchmark it. The 280 (no X) is just a 7950, I think maybe with higher clocks, not sure. I know I mentioned it in my other post (sorry for double posting, I didn't see my post and thought I had done something wrong) that the performance settings in G.E. have the game set to low in most settings, and the card can easily do 60 FPS+ with VSync on with medium to high. As for quality settings, these are my current settings and using both Radeon Pro and Gaming Evolved I have not seen frames lower than 40 and sometimes in the 50-60's. Most notably is the Texture settings, which even on the highest don't use much more than 2GB of the 3GB of VRAM. The HWiNFO screen shot was while playing it for two hours. Would you guys like us to bench mark and monitor and post any other differences we see?

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