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Corrupted Recordings & Audio/Sync Issues


I've recently started using the GVR features instead of FRAPS (too large of a file size for long games of 30-60 mins) and while sometimes it works perfectly, other times I have noticed that some recordings do not save correctly when stopping a recording, they result in a 1kb .mp4 file which cannot be played (When opened results in an error in VLC media player). This is very frustrating as I then have to go back and re-record that gameplay in order to get a successful recording. This happens randomly and has happened on multiple games (Left 4 dead, L4D2 and Black Ops 2). I was wondering if this is a known issue and if a fix is being worked on or if not, if there is anything I can maybe try to fix it myself.

The other issue I seem to be having is audio syncing issues, when a recording does save correctly, playing it back results in the audio being slightly ahead of the video. Even rendering in Sony Vegas does not resolve this issue.

From what I understand i'm running the latest version of Gaming Evolved and using the latest stable AMD Graphics Drivers (14.12).

Using an R9 280x, i7 920 and 12GB RAM.

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I created a ticket for your issue so we can resolve it. Ticket # 5101