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Black Screen Recordings

So I submitted a ticket on December 15 for the black screen, but it's still showing that it's bring processed.  Is this just falling on deaf ears or what?  Is someone actually looking into this?

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Doubtful, i submitted a ticket on December 13th and no reply. 

We're taking a look at it, but we just have a lot of tickets to go through. As for the Black screen issue, we're investigating it but we're aiming that it has to do with a particular Windows Update. Specifically these ones: 

Win8: KB2962409, KB2958266

Win7: KB2952664

We're seeing what we can do since it's a bit bigger than just an issue with us alone. We are getting further proof and information from other users as well. If you'd like to provide any further information, or want to note that you don't have any of the above Windows Updates, please let us know. You're welcome to link your Ticket # here so we can follow-up on it.