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GAMING EVOLVED can not detect any games in my laptop

Hi, i got some problem here. i've just reinstall my windows 7 and then istall AMD gaming evolved. but i did not see any games that should detected by the software.  and i cant see any windows when i click add games manually. can anyone help me with this? [sorry for bad english]

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Can you send a screenshot of the issue involving the window when you try to add games manually?

Additionally, you can look into your Raptr Appdata folder for a certain file.

1) Press the Windows key + R to get the run command box up

2) Type %appdata%\raptr\data and press Enter

See if you have a file named "installed_games2.dat"

Can you also name a few games that you have installed that should be detected by AMD Gaming Evolved?

this is the windows..

and this is the files in %appdata%\raptr\data

and i have installed assassins creed 4, NFS Most wanted 2012, Tomb Raider 2013

Thanks for providing the screenshots. So I notice in your data folder that you're missing some fairly important files: game_detection.json files. 

It's possible something could be preventing your system from downloading it. Do you have a firewall and/or antivirus that may be preventing some back-end downloading?

 I'm having the same problem. How can I solve it?

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same problem.


We have repaired the problem and it should now be working as intended. Let us know if you have further issues.

i have the same problem but i have windows 8.1 help me please....!!!!