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New Raptr user - can't get replay or GVR to do anything

 I'm a new user of Raptr, on an R9 280x.

I'm trying to figure out the Instant Replay and GVR functions but nothing is working for me. It's primarily Instant Replay that I want to work.

I've tried it (testing) in Borderlands 2 and BF4.  I run Win7 Home 64bit.

I have Instant Replay and GVR turned on in the AMD app.  I have the HUD turned on in preferences.

In-game, in Borderlands, I see a HUD showing Replay and GVR and the hotkeys for them (ctrl-/ and ctrl-; respectively)

If I press the HUD hotkey (ctrl-tab) I get a Raptr dashboard kind of thing.

However if I press the hotkey for either Replay or GVR nothing happens.

In-game in BF4, I still see the HUD with the Replay and GVR functions showing, but again pushing their keys does nothing, and inBF4, ctrl-tab also does nothing.

I feel like I am missing something obvious... but maybe not... I really don't know. lol

Help!  I don't particularly care about the GVR to record extended sessions, but I love the idea of being able to retroactively record an instant replay.

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It appears your issue has slightly changed. However we will deal with your issue at Ticket # 4530.