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Unable to verify Xbox 360 gamertag

Hello everyone, hope this is the right section, and I know that others may have already posted something like this but I want to show exactly what my problem is:
I wanted to update hours and achievements of my xbox 360 profile on Raptr, so I registered my gamertag, I put every single option of my xbox profile on "Everyone", so now my profile is set on "Everyone", I copied/pasted the "raptr-bdea0a50" in my bio, I saved everything and pushed the "Verify Me" button, but everytime it can't verify and displays the instructions to check (which I always check) and the "Reason: Read timed out (5 seconds) even though I'm connected to the internet.
I think I tried at least 50 times, always the same reaction.
I attach the screenshots of my situation, hope you can help, I dont' know maybe you can verify it manually!

Thank you!

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Wow, this is an amazing support... Thank you Raptr

I apologize for the very late delay in a response. We've been very busy responding to tickets and are trying to get through them all.

Xbox and PSN connection is still currently down and we have no current timeframe on when this issue will get fixed. Because of our focus on PC and our current development cycle, we don't have an ETA on when, or if, this issue will get fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Ok, thank you! And sorry for my previous comment