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Haven't Recieved Sign Up Points

Anyone know what's going on about this? It seems like a lot of people including myself have run into this problem. Submitting tickets doesn't seem to be helpful since they just get stuck as being processed. 

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Not entirely sure which issue you might be talking about?

Not getting the 500 RP?

Not getting RP for another reason?

Processing Issue?

You can't make tickets because they get stuck at processing? Never heard that issue before. 

Let us know and we can help.

The problem is not getting the 500 RP for sign up, and there is a fairly long wait time between when a ticket is filed and when it's resolved, probably because of other users having the same problem and causing a backup.

It actually has more to do with just the sheer volume of tickets, regardless of what it is about. It's nearing 700 tickets per CS rep and growing. But we plan on hiring more people to help get these tickets under control. Thank you for your patience though. I solved your 500 RP issue. 

Woah, that's a lot. I hope you all get some relief with after you get new hires. Thanks for the help and information!

Yes but any news on when this 'bug' will be fixed? Happened to me aswell.

No word on when it will be fixed completely. We're still just working with the tool. When it DOES get fixed, more than likely it will go through all those that haven't had it and reward it automatically. 

However, at this very moment (go figure) our tool to recover the 500 RP is down. Our engineers are aware of it and will try to get it up soon. In the meantime, I'll be collecting together usernames of those that are affected, so I can quickly swoop in and recover them all.