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i've stopped getting points from everything

for over a week now i stopped getting points from all the games i've played
please help me

3 people have this problem

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same here, since this week I don't get any points from games. It does seem to record the playtime, but I don't get points for this playtime.

After I quit the game it doesn't recognize I was playing.

Also starting today, I don't get my 5pt for visiting the community.

my raptr didnt work at all for 2 weeks and i sent a ticket but got no reply.then recently it started working again but now i am not getting any points from gameplay at all.i do get points from the community though.i have no idea whats going on with raptr at the moment.they dont seem to respond to tickets sent either.

same here it said the ticket is being processed

Looks as though everyone that had posted in this thread is now able to gain points and gameplay is being tracked. Feel free and let me know if there is still some issues with games getting tracked.

I also apologize for the late replies. There is a lot of tickets for us to get through.

Now everything seems to be ok...the only game where it's not tracking time (and not giving points) is Planetary Annihilation...thank you for your help!

 well points from visiting the community are OK now, I will play something and come back later to say if it works