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Is streaming continuously using Raptr possible?

So far I have only been able to stream while in game using Raptr. I generally use OBS, but decided to give Raptr a try to see if it is a bit easier on my computer, and because I like some of the functions. I am wondering if there is a way to set it up so that when playing games such as League of Legends, that I can stream continuously while the client is open instead of having my stream start and stop only when there is a game in progress?

Any and all advice is helpful.


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I apologize for the very late delay in a response. We've been very busy responding to tickets and are trying to get through them all.

Unfortunately, League of Legends is an interesting beast. Typically how we work now is we tie into the game to do streaming, recording, etc. If we can't tie into the game, nothing gets recorded or streamed. So LoL has a unique way of essentially having the launcher for making games, and then actually opening the game once a session starts. So it never tracks the gameplay in the menu. 

We've tried a lot of different things but it's hard to change around a lot for just one game (despite it's popularity). 

So your issue will probably still be around until we're able to record/stream desktops, or certain windows without tying into the game.