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Twitch doesnt work

Icant stream on twitch:

other prob with dvr

Error Gen Failure 31

almost the same problem as this: Fehler

Sapphire r9 280

Monitore 1x 24" 16:9; 1x 19" 5:4


m5a fx99 pro 2.0

Cyborg v7


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theres a problem ive found with it streaming at 100% screen resolution try putting to to 50% screen resolution, quality might not be great but it should work 

In regards to the Gen Error 31, 

it used to come down to just having the wrong drivers and needing to update. However since then it became a bit more encompassing of other issues. 

A new update we have coming soon will let us get more specific on the issues and separate the errors. So one person's Error 31 could have been different than anothers; but not after the upcoming patch. We're going to release it and then start pin-pointing the the individual issues. Hang in there everyone.