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RP recognition not working?

I've created an account a week or two ago and i still haven't received my signing up RP as well as my first twitch stream.

Please help

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I second that! Same problem here.

@warfalco - Solved your issue. You should have your 500 RP now.

@tuiuiu123 - You already received your 500 RP back in August of 2014.

Not that, I'm having problems related to gameplay recognition. I've received the 500 back in August, yes, but the day before yesterday and also today I've been playing games and no RP received. Yesterday it was ok, but today, same issue again.

Which game were you playing that you did not receive any RP?

Sorry, it was a matter of e-mail recognition. Since my IP changes constantly, I have to authorize access from time to time, so the points come.