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Account hacked and email changed.

My account has been hacked and the email got changed, I cannot get it to change back.

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Did you create a ticket?

@jaydude - I went ahead and changed your email back to it's original one and sent a password reset request to you. Let me know if you need anything else. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I recently entered my account, with the correct username and pass, but when I read this message: "For additional security, we require you to authorize this location. You’ll need to check your email before you will have full access to Raptr. [Send Email]" ... and pressed on the Send Email button, I saw the email that showed in the pop-up was not mine. It seems my account was hacked somehow.

Then I tried updating email in the account settings without any luck.

I hope you can verify the address I want to restore is my original one (, used before, when creating this account.

I really don't know who can be the owner of such an email address -, but I'm sure it's not me.

I hope you'll find a convenient and quick solution for this, I have to admit, annoying matter. 

Thanks mate!

Hi r0d3rick,
I've changed your address.  For future reference or if you need further assistance, contact us directly at or create a direct support ticket to avoid displaying your address or other account information on the forums.  Have a great day.