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How to add Bejeweled 3 and Sim City 2000

 I'm having trouble adding these two games to my library.

With Bejeweled 3 I found it on the manual list but the problem is that after I choose the .exe it then points me to find another exe on %PROGRAMDATA%\PopCap Games\Bejeweled Twist\popcapgame1.exe. So the problem is that the location doesn't exist, even more Bejeweled Twist isn't Bejeweled 3, so I can't add the game.

The other game is Sim City 2000 that I can't even find on the manual list.

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I have the same issue with Bejeweled 3. I have it on Origin and I had to add it manually, but Raptr required me to choose location for a file from Bejeweled Twist... Can we have it fixed?


I have the same problem with adding this game manually to my library.