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Will the program ever support emulator recording?

Hi, I like to play a lot of old games from NES and would like to know if it will ever be possible to record windows. Thanks.

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Could use OBS (Open Broadcast Software). It does recording

I know there are programs to do what I want, but I would love to have it on Raptr because I love it.

I would rather they finish and fix what they started with Mantle.

Almost 2 months and it's still broken.

Infernalsniper, they are having a hard enough time just keeping their head above water. I get the sense they are severely understaffed and are having a hard time keeping up. Let us let them focus on the big stuff first, you're gonna have to learn to use other software for that, be glad you can add such games to your library. I have a large SNES library, among others, that I play regularly, I have no expectations for an app that currently only supports 90 something games total to support them. They have their work cut out for them just keeping up with GeForce Experience. The fact that you made this post 19 days ago and there is no reply should tell you something. 


Hey infernalsniper,

Sorry it has taken so long for a response from an administrator. The answer is "It greatly depends". While we do have some detections for emulators, I don't believe it's a main focus. I will bring it up, but I don't believe we have any intentions to add more emulators in the future. Sorry about that.

If you'd like, you can provide me the name of the emulators you use.

Thanks for your answer. Basically I use: Fceux (NES) Zsnesw (SNES) epsex (PSX) pcsx2 (PS2) and PPSSPP (PSP)

Any chance any of those get supported? In case any of them is already supported, how do I add them? Because they dont appear on the list to manually add games.


Please tell me I wont have to wait for another month or so to get an answer...

@infernalsniper - I had created a ticket requesting it but the chances of it being created are probably fairly low. I say this recently because of our recent stance on console support:

Emulators do fall into an odd mix where they are used to play console games, but you are using a PC. 

However the issues we can run across with emulators are:

  • It will never list what Rom you are playing. 
  • Emulators can be installed anywhere and don't generally have a unified folder structure. This makes detection very difficult (possibly as much, or worse, than Minecraft)
So I still stand by my previous statements that supporting the detection of emulators is not a main concern (seeing as we still need PC games that need detection) and I don't believe we have any intentions to add more emulators in the future.

Again, thanks for the reply. But, if you say "more" emulators, it means Raptr already support some, right? How can we make them work?

I dont see the option to add them. Thats my last question regarding the topic, thank you in advance.

We believe our mission is to make PC gaming fun and effortless, and therefore we've decided to focus our resources on PC gaming exclusively. We will retire all remaining console support in the near future. For additional details, see our FAQ

so I can't anymore submit console games to the database?

@Oorn - I wouldn't say stop quite yet. We're still figuring out what we're doing in regards to manually adding game time for consoles. However, I haven't heard any official word on it, but I'm trying to get an official answer on it. 

@infernalsniper - I thought I had seen some emulators in our database, but I either they were removed or I was just mistaken (which the latter is more likely). When I get some more time, I'll see if I can't track it down.

Thanks Verun, I like Raptr so much I wouldnt like to use another program to record emuplays.