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PSN never logs in, can't verify psn account

i've looked all over in forums and other things, but ever since one reinstallation of my operating system. i can no longer log into psn on raptr. it will say connecting and will never end up connecting.

i also have done the verification thing, and i've checked all the things, waited one hour. and well, it never verifies. my profile is public, there's literally nothing i have found to fix this problem, i sent in a ticket 12 days ago (which is still "processing") however this problem has been going on for quite a few months.

it's getting rather ridiculous. and i haven't found a single person on any of the forums (although i haven't checked these new ones as extensively as the old ones)

scratch that, i just found a few others with this problem as well. either way, it's really getting obnoxious. 

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Xbox and PSN connection is still currently down and we have no current timeframe on when this issue will get fixed. Because of our focus on PC and our current development cycle, we don't have an ETA on when, or if, this issue will get fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.