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Problem with typing cyrillic characters.

 With AMD Gaming Eveolved App running (and in-game overlay is disabled) it's not possible to type cyrillic characters in games (checked WoW and Dragon Age Inquisition).

For example, russian "привет" becomes "i?eaao". Once I close AMD Gaming Eveolved, problem disappears.

This problem exists about two months and really annoying. Could you please fix this?

4 people have this problem

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The same problem occurs in Battlefield 4.

Thanks for providing the information guys. We're looking into the issue. If you have any more games that are being affected, feel free and list them. 

No need to list:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Battlefield 4

I want to add that if you disable the overlay Raptr in the game, everything becomes good. From this we can conclude that the culprit of this problem is the Raptr overlay.

Thank you for letting me know! I'll add that to the bug ticket.

"I want to add that if you disable the overlay Raptr in the game, everything becomes good." - it does not help me in WoW. Only disabling game tracking (or closing Raptr completely) works.

I deleted the Raptr and no longer use it. I'm tired of these constant problems with him. Before that, I used it for three years. And I advise others to do the same. I do not need to distribute it with the driver AMD. Remove it from the installer.

@elektropositiv - I can't seem to find which issues you are having. 

You have 2 tickets based on the Control Center popping up when the program starts which is intended. Typically users that want to use the program will start it and thus it brings up the first thing that they want to interact with. It does remain hidden if you have Raptr start when you boot your PC.

The other issue mentioned Facebook, but was short-lived.

We do have a bug in place for the Cyrillic characters and will resolve it when we are able to. However if you're having any other issues, feel free and let us know. 

Yes, I remember that. And watch for developments.

 Any updates?

I think so
 that the problem no one does.

@groxel - We currently have an internal bug report on the issue. I am unsure of the progress of correcting it is. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

My problem with WoW has gone since the release of patch 6.1.

@vnagrand - Thanks for providing that info. Does it affect any other games?

Does anyone else notice the issues being resolved?

@Verun Well, when there is a problem, everyone loves to blame someone, when it is fixed, noone says hooray.

Keep up the good work.