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Sing Up and unlock all features DON´T WORK!

I Want this 500 rp for buy one Smite god zeus for 1000 rp, if someone can help me tell me.

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Sign up and unlock all features 500 Am I missing Something

Resolved the issue and recovered your 500 RP.

this doesn't work for me ether pls help 

Sign up and unlock all features for 500. I been having this problem for a month and I don't understand why is not working?

I've granted you both the 500 RP. Just a bug we're running across right now but easily solved with a tool we can use.

Thank you for your comment and I am very happy with the results. :)

i have the same problem too .

This is an issue that pertains to individual Raptr accounts, so please send us a direct e-mail explaining your problem with your username to and we will assist you.  Have a nice day.