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The now Infamous black video with audio problem investigated

After a thorough investigation, I have determined that Windows Update kb3000850 and/or kb3014442 collectively known as the Windows 8.1 November 2014 rollup, is the cause for

recorded black screen in AMD GE (which I will call "Raptr" henceforth in this thread).

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I uninstalled both updates kb3000850 and kb3014442 and it solved the problem of black screen. But now, i have video but my microphone sound is out of sync with game sound....

Uninstalling kb3000850 fixed this for me


We believe that we've now resolved the Black Screen issue.

You can download the latest patch of the client by using this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

I have Raptr 4.5.0 r103535, but I am still not able to record both audio and video. It does record but only audio is recorded, I only get a black screen for the video. So, the problem is still there.

@flamestriker I'd recommend creating a ticket if you have not already. We're looking into these issues and trying to find a solution. Although typically it seems the black screen may appear if you:

  • Are using a laptop with swap-able GPUs (Integrated vs Dedicated)
  • Are using an APU.

We still want to help users with these issues, but be aware that those are the ones we find the most issues with.

I am indeed using switchable graphics cards, however there is an improvement in the situation, now the black screen problem is with only selected games. The problem is with SWTOR and Dragon Age : Origins. The recording is flawless with Euro Truck Simulator 2.

@flamestriker - Very interesting. If you have not already, I'd recommend creating a ticket. That seems odd that it would only affect some games. Could be certain DirectX versions that are being affected.