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Error with a Raptr code

I play smite, and i was colectingm raptr points to change them for gems in smite, but when i change the points, the code have and error and i cannot take my gems, hi rez said me that 

the code was for Na servers in smite, but y always play in La servers, and the points i earned, was playing in La, there is any solucion for my problem, because i want my gems and i cannot solucionate this. Since now thank you 221

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I do believe that we had a warning up in place that states that the reward does not working for Latin American/Brazilian servers. However, since it's been a while since I have been able to respond I went ahead and refunded the RP. Please make sure you are purchasing the correct version when finalizing the purchase.

When you install an error occurs. Disable antivirus and submission to the exceptions do not help.

@den4ik1993rus - Your issue doesn't necessarily have to do with the original poster's issue. However, we can still try to help.

Did it start installing from AMD driver bundle, or did you download it straight from the website?

Additionally, you could try downloading/installing the unbranded Raptr version to see if you're running across the same error as above: