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For additional security, we require you to authorize this location. You’ll need to check your email before you will have full access to Raptr.

Everytime I log on to Raptr I get this message.

Got some anonymizer for my OWN security installed.

Would be nice to contact me, so you could turn off the security system at this account.

4 people have this problem

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Unfortunately, we currently don't have a method to turn off the security for accounts. 

However, we are looking into further methods to ensure that users that are logging in from various different IP's will not have to constantly reauthorize their location.

This isn't an answer to an ongoing problem. I have the same issue as well. 

No, unfortunately it is not a final answer. 

The issue you're running across is a bug that affects users whose IP addresses may change on a regular basis. While we're aware this is affecting some users, we still do have our hands full with other bugs we're working to correct as well. We will resolve the issue as soon as we're able.

Same problem and support just ignore me.


You have responded to a 5+ month old thread.

Additionally we replied to your ticket 6 days ago and are awaiting a response from you. Ticket #14662 for your reference.