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Skyforge is a new mmo game from Allods Team. You even have it on site

But i can`t bind this game in my library to use GVR in it, there is no such option in manual adding game.

Please add it! =)

Thank you.

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the game is not out yet. but i will play it, i wish they add it later on


I'm playing on closed beta test and want to recoder it )

 so hows the game? its similar to what? what is ur review on it?

I thinks it`s similar to warframe, where you leveling your costumes with uniq powers and when your party need some, you just switch between them.

Review more positive. No need to wory on bad character build or class, you can switch your setting whenever you need to whatever you need =)

Now it is out for early access purchases, will be f2p launch on the 16th...hope support comes soon.

Please support scrobbling for Skyforge! Its out in open beta and has been for a week now.