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Resident Evil HD Remastered isn't in my game library

Hi i'm sorry if this post is in the wrong topic discussion page. My problem is I have had the new Resident Evil HD Remaster from day 1 and until now the game still hasn't shown up in my library I have been refreshing my installed game list every day and there is no way to manually add the game. I was wondering is this a problem on my behalf or has the game not been added to AMD Gaming Evolved yet? If it hasn't been added yet does anyone know when it will be?

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The same happens to me bro, can't add it to library nor the app tracks it at all.

I was able to join a community group on raptr that somehow added the game on my library, but I can't track game time or achievements on it, but it sync with my steam hours if I set to manually sync.

Thanks for the reply, that's pretty weird. I thought maybe because it was a new game it wasn't added to raptrs data base yet but it really should have been by now

With me is having the same problem and so far has not been added to the list

It still hasn't added for me yet either wish I knew a solution

The game is now in my library