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Recordings Not Saving!


I was recoding some gameplay (Battlefield 4) with my friend using AMD Gaming Evolved GVR and I cannot view the videos. In library they have a black thumbnail and I cannot view the video. In folder the videos have a generic blank thumbnail and when I open it with Windows Media Player it says the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. With quicktime player on my mac it also does not work. The videos are 18 minutes and 27:36 minutes. However I did successfully record one video that was 28:35 minutes but the videos audio is a little ahead. Is there any fix or solution to any of my problems?

GPU: R9 270x

CPU: Athlon X4 760K

Driver: AMD Gaming Evolved update included in the AMD Catalyst Omega 14.12


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I went ahead and created a ticket for you regarding this issue. It's kind of two-folded so I'll explain the details there. Ticket #5150