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Microphone recording on separate audio channel

I've been asking for this feature for quite a while now, but Raptr's plans with GVR are not very transparent so I guess I'll ask again: can we have microphone audio recorded to a separate audio track instead of mixed into the game audio like it does now? When I record microphone audio I always have to clean stuff up in post-edit before I upload, and that'd be infinitely easier if the mic audio was on its own track.

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yes please becasue if the micro goes wrong u can record your voice and edit the video

Hear hear (see what I did there)

Bump for this, adding this would make a world of difference. It's the reason Dxtory is such a great program. Adding a feature like this would bring in a lot more users, allowing people to adjust the audio separate on their mic channel.

Another bump. This feature really needs priority. Anyone that wants to use GVR for recording videos that they need to edit afterwards really NEED this. Right now you need to do all sorts of workarounds with recording mic audio separately and syncing it manually.

We also need to have a single video file instead of seperate files each 4gb. I recorded gameplay today and it was divided into two files. There was 2 seconds of missing footage right were files got seperated and also the audio was desynced at the latter video. This issue should also be addressed to.

FINNBHENNACH, I never had this happen before, my recordings are always in a single file and easily go up to 60+ GB here when I record hours of Arma 3 sessions. Audio desync seems to be fixed since the last update.

Hey Guys,

Couple things on this:

1. Split files at 4GB > This is a Win7 thing. We're working on a solution. We've tried a few times to hammer this out... it's been frustrating.

2. Multiple tracks > Man! When we first started this project this was high on the wish list, and still is. We'll need to move quite a bit around to make it possible... but we are looking at it.

I can't promise when these things will happen... but maybe there is a little consolation in knowing we're on the same track as you are!


Good to hear! Please keep this high on the list, it's possibly THE deal-breaker right now for any youtuber trying to use AMD GVR. A lot of YTers don't use Shadowplay for the exact same reason.

@CLAVUS I know it's related to Win 7, for got to mention it sorry. However, Shadowplay has already found a way around that so I hope maybe we can have a workaround about this as well ;)

@RAPTRQAREVIEWER You guys are really doing a great job. The recent patches have made me very happy. Fixed desync, improved visual quality, automatic game detection etc. are working like a charm. Let's work on at least the multiple tracks function and make us even merrier. Thanks for the answers. 

P.S. You guys rock!!

It's good to hear that there's progress towards this. Hopefully you guys include some way for those of us running 3 audio channels to have selections for that has well. As it sits I like to have Game Audio, Mic Audio, Chat Audio on separate channels. That way either me being an idiot or one of my friends doing so doesn't ruin the clip. It's why I always used Dxtory, nothing else could do it so it's what I had to run.

i got A BIG PROBLEM! with the sync of Gamerecord + Microphone. it's always out of sync! and i cant edit this problem in a moviemaker... so.. what can i do?

since 5 weeks or more its impossible to record videos.. and this is rly hard. because i need this videos...


@SINGAMINGTV I use audacity to record microphone. In order to sync microphone with game sounds, I go down in game's menu and as it makes click sounds, I also say "pew, pew, pew" out loud. I do this ten times and while editing the video I sync these two audio tracks. However, Movie Maker doesn't have the feature to add a different sound track as far as I know. I would highly suggest you to use a more advanced video editing software, e.g. Sony Vegas or the Adobe equivalent (I don't remember its name now.)

 Late to the party, but the 4GB limit is definitely NOT an issue with Windows 7. Dxtory, Mirillis Action, Bandicam, D3Dgear and OBS all generate video files over 4GB with no problem.

Yes please