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This is what I get for following directions. :P

Read the notice, so I went to be a good little user and change my password as suggested. Click "Reset Password" Just get sent to settings, so I just go to change the password. 
"You cannot change account settings at this time. Please contact support. Please try again."
Huh... Well, there's concerns about security. Maybe I can't do it in the app? Nope same result on website. Maybe when I clicked reset, it actually reset it and I need to go to my email? Nope nothing there either.
So... What am I supposed to do?

Also, would you be able to tell me, are the hashes that were stolen hashed? The effect it would have on my account would be minimal as I have a very strong password for the site, however it makes a difference to those who doesn't have strong passwords. Just how big is the risk actually?

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Yup, same thing.

I think its because of that thing with "new login location detected please confirm the email" something blabla, it was showing this instead of the actual thing with security announcement. 

I can't find any other way to get that email sent so i can "unlock" my account since it doesn't show there anymore. I remember it was showing me that thing before the security announcement thing recently, even tho i was using the same pc (might have changed the IP tho, idk for sure) and i didn't bother to "unlock" the account since you don't really have to do it until you want to buy something from the store... or change passwords.

Just want to confirm I have this problem as well. I have tried both in the client and the website, and my email address is verified.


yep same here just sent a ticket in


I'll go ahead and make sure that everyone here gets a password reset sent to their email and location authorized. Sorry for the delay though on this forum. Ironically, we were dealing with tickets regarding this exact issue.

kyuuketsukikurai mentioned asked if the passwords that were stolen were hashed. And yes, they were. If you had a strong password it could be safe, however we still recommend that you reset your password. The risk of the security compromise? It depends really.

What was taken was essentially usernames, passwords (which were hashed), email addresses and maybe First/Last name if it was input into your account. Changing your password should prevent any access to your account, however we do recommend that if your password was the same across multiple mediums (email, accounts) that you change those as well to preferably be unique from each other. 

I am Russian. And I say English is bad. But I Have this problem too. A dont back to my email or country

@Rokerfea a reset e-mail has been sent to the address on file.  If you still do not receive it, please send us a direct e-mail at  Thank you.