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Unable to add two games (Blitzkrieg and Gangland)

 Hello there,

I've been trying to add Blitzkrieg and Gangland to my games list. Neither will add, as it says it can't find the right file.

With Blitzkrieg, i've tried the original disc version, the Anthology disc version and the Anthology Steam version. It seems to want the game.exe to be in the /run/ folder, which isn't the case with Steam, but even on the original and the Anthology disc version, its there in the run folder but the AMD App won't recognise it.

Similar issue with Gangland, with the GoG Version. Again, seems to be looking for it in a specific folder that the GoG version doesn't have.

Could this be looked into please? Thanks

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We'll continue with this issue in your ticket. Ticket #5436 for your reference.