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Dying Light

I just started playing this game and I LOVE it. I would really like it to be added to the catalog of games so that I could use the GVR feature to record gameplay. Please add!!!! Thanks.

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What the Crap....Yes Oviously allow Recording for Dying Light...Why is this even a QUESTION?


if u cant add to the library the game u cant record the game , i want to addit but in the library doesnt exist then i cant record, PLEASE HELP HOW I CAN RECORD IN RAPTR?

Hello Rapt stuff. Why didn't you add the game yet? I can't record gameplays cause you don't update de gamelist to add the game to the library... I don't think that make that change could be so hard, so please do your job and add the game LAZZIESSSSSS!!!

1/16/2016 almost a year later and still not added.... raptr is garbage. Just google obs amd vce and record your gameplay that way.

The recorder in Raptr and is not reliant on our detection. However, we do have a detection for Dying Light and it should be working as intended. If you're still having a problem with recording Dying Light, I would recommend creating a ticket for it so we can address it. 

DYING LIGHT still not added to raptr. Why?

We have detection for Dying Light. 

I assume you're having problems adding it?