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installing raptr

Hello i'm trying to install raptr and i don't want on my ssd. I was hoping someone could point out where I change the install path as i cant see it.

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Hey same for me, I installed it on my ssd and omg it was a bad idea..I would change the location !

Can you help us ?It could be great..

It doesn't matter where you install it really just change the video saving location, as far as I know that is where it records the game play.

Change the location and the temp folder location to a normal drive that isn't a SSD, that's what I did.

No it is, because there is updates of AMD Gaming Evolved..

You will probably need to uninstall it then download it and install it and it should give you the option to install where you want it.

It should update on it's own, right click the app icon in the mini taskbar go "help" then "about raptr" and it will tell you what version you have. The current version is 4.3.4 but there are no notes on the changes for that one yet.

No, I can not change the location during the installation, it's why the topic is here ^^

There is currently no method to change the installation location of Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved. It's been like that pretty much ever since it was created. Having a custom installation location is a sought-after feature, and we're aware of how nice it would be especially since the rise of SSD's. 

However, that could require some major changes that we're not quite ready to take place yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

wow really? ok gonna download xfire.


Keep in mind the social side of XFire has recently gone down. Thought you may want to be aware.