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error 20031

The gameDVR service reported unexpected error (20031) ..... 

16 people have this problem

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hab seit kurzem auch dieses Problem bitte um Hilfe 

I also have this error. It only happens when I set max video resolution to 100%. Used to be gen error 31. 

Happens whenever I try and Livestream Twitch. Doesn't matter the game.

i got this error me to only wen i try to stream in 100% resolution on twitch PLZ HELP

@CRAZYHAYZ what resolution is your screen? VCE can only do 1080p so if you have a 1440p 100% would be a issue use 50% thats 720p. It could be something else but my gut tells me it's this.

yeah got the same problem. get it once in a while. extremely annoying

Are people with Error 20031 getting that with Twitch only, or with Replay/Record as well?

VERUN it only happens with twitch

Ive been having the same problem. I got it to work this error keeps appearing when I attempt to stream on twitch

if u lower the resolution to 50% it works for me but still some problems like starting up takes long and in twitch its all lagging and i don't like to see the big pixels

Same here. seem to occur when i try to stream at 100% quality, which really is the only way to do it. cant stand watching sub 1080p and even blocky videos...

If you guys are able (or have done already) can you create a ticket regarding this issue? We may need to ask for logs or more information to discover the exact cause and how to solve it. 

Feel free and post the ticket number here so I can assign it to myself and investigate the issue. 

#7897 i think u mean this number if u need more tell me

I got the same problem when I use 100% video quality...