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Problem with recording and replay feature 32 bites.

 Hi, first of all i would like to say that AMD Gaming Evolved is really good and i am very pleased with it...

But...i have been having issues with the recording and replay features, sometimes they come out fine but other times they come out as a file taking only 32bites and cant be played with eny media player. Sometimes the recording works for the first 10 minutes of gameplay but then the video freezes but the audio continues at the exact same time. I am shure several people have been having this exact same issue, do you guys know eny fix for this? i really like this program but i cant use it now due to the recording feature beeing so unpredictable...Please do you guys have eny fix for this

GPU - ASUS R9 270 series

i can confirm this issue on both the original drivers from the CD that came with the GPU and another newer official driver.

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We'll try to solve this issue through our ticket system so we can easily ask for files. Ticket #6962 for your reference.